Community Groups to Protest Freeman’s Fatal Accident Coverage

 Several community organizations will participate in a demonstration at 3:00 p.m., Tuesday, September 8, 2015, in front of the Daily Freeman’s Building on Hurley Avenue, Kingston.
The demonstrators will protest of the newspaper’s initial coverage of the four area young men, Kaireem Marks, Jr., Jante Clark, Adam McQueen and Dante Crump, who were killed in an automobile accident in Saugerties on August 26. The story included the criminal records of some of the victims. That information, however, was subsequently deleted from the newspaper’s website following an immediate outpouring of community denunciations.
Rev. G. Modele Clarke, president of the Ministers’ Alliance of Ulster County, said the inclusion of the victims’ criminal records was grossly insensitive and irresponsible.
“It appears to be a knee-jerk reaction to criminalize and diminish the lives of black victims after these tragic events,” Clarke said. “We saw it in Ferguson, last year with Michael Brown, in Staten Island with Eric Garner and several other similar instances across the country.”
Odell Winfield, president, of End Jim Crow Action Network (ENJAN), said the newspaper’s decision to include the victims’ criminal record was ill-advised.
“Releasing that type of information while the community is hurting so deeply is not only insensitive, it tends to devalue the lives of these four young men,” Winfield said.
Several community organizations are sponsoring this demonstration. They include: The Ministers’ Alliance of Ulster County; Kingston Council of Churches; End New Jim Crow Action Network (ENJAN) Citizens Action of New York and Midtown Rising.     
For further information, contact Rev. G. Modele Clarke: 914-388-0671 

Joel Tyner invitation

Hi ENJAN folks!...

Pls if you can join me today (Thursday, Sept. 3rd) at 3:30 pm for a Public Hearing on the Criminal "Justice" System in Dutchess County I'm hosting-- in our County Legislature's Chambers on the sixth floor of our County Office Building at 22 Market Street in Poughkeepsie.

Facebook event link for today's event: .

Fact: Inmate after inmate after inmate inside the Dutchess County Jail are killing themselves; even NYS Commission on Correction has exposed the notorious Corizon Resources (Correctional Medical Care) for improper mental care and negligence-- why is this company still getting our tax dollars?...see .

Correctional Medical Care (Corizon Resources) received $3.041,165.12 in county jail contract in 2014.

Correctional Medical Care (Corizon Resources) received $3,946, 505.56 in county jail contract in 2013. ...

Fact: 44% of Dutchess Jail inmates are African-American-- though African-Americans make up less than 11% of county population, according to Dutchess County Jail Administrator George Krom (and long ago Dutchess GOP eliminated funding for our county's Human Rights Commission to investigate this).

Fact: There are 36 Dutchess County Jail inmates now charged merely with nonviolent drug possession (that is their only charge-- just nonviolent drug possession), according to Dutchess County Jail Administrator George Krom.

Fact: 80% of Dutchess County Jail inmates haven't gone to trial (according to Public Defender's office), according to Dutchess County Jail Administrator George Krom.

Fact: Over 37% of Dutchess County Jail inmates now have been charged merely with misdemeanors, according to Dutchess County Jail Administrator George Krom.

Fact: There are 15 Dutchess County Jail inmates with bail set at $2000 or less-- needlessly locked up, according to Dutchess County Jail Administrator George Krom.

Fact: 80 percent of Dutchess County Jail inmates have substance abuse or mental health issues, according to Dutchess County Jail Administrator George Krom and the Dutchess County Criminal Justice Council.

Fact: Over 130 18-year-old's and younger are now incarcerated annually in the Dutchess County Jail, according to Dutchess County Jail Administrator George Krom.

Fact: County funding was recently eliminated by Dutchess GOP for the Dutchess County Youth Bureau Project Return program for at-risk youth, and there no longer is a Big Brothers Big Sisters, YMCA, or YWCA in Dutchess County-- or county funding for the Green Teen (CCEDC) program in the City of Poughkeepsie (in spite of public promises last May from Molinaro before the Co. Leg. to fund youth programs).

Third Community Policing Forum Scheduled

Rev. Dr. G. Modele Clarke, President 
Rev. Arthur L. Coston, Sr., Treasurer 
Rev. Jim Childs, Chair Advisory Board  

Ministers’ Alliance of Ulster County
8 Hone Street * Kingston, NY 12401       845-339-0773

Third Community Policing Forum Scheduled:
The Community and the Police, How Is It Going?

The Ministers’ Alliance of Ulster County will host its Third Forum on Community Policing. 

The Community and the Police
Tuesday, September 8th,
6:30 PM
New Progressive Baptist Church, 8 Hone Street, Kingston

Panel: Kingston Police Chief Egidio Tinti and Kingston Mayor Shayne Gallo

The reason for the third community/police forum is find out what progress has been made by the Kingston Police Department on issues previously raised by community members.  It will also include new community concerns to be brought to the attention of Chief Tinti and Mayor Gallo.

These ongoing forums have begun the transformational process of developing an effective community policing environment in the City of Kingston.

Come out and let your voices be heard.

'Ban The Box' in Kingston

Last night at Kingston Common Council Caucus, two resolutions Alderman Brad Will  sponsored and shepherded through the Laws & Rules Committee were approved without opposition by the eight Aldermen present:

Resolution #186 of 2015 to 'Ban The Box' will effectively reduce the chance of recidivism for rehabilitated individuals and provide them with a fair chance / 2nd chance at employment to support their families. This Committee Report was motioned by W4 Alderman Nina Dawson (D) and seconded by W9 Alderman Debbie Brown (R). I want to thank all the residents and citizens of Kingston (Barb StemkeCassandra BurkeOdell Winfield and many others) and beyond for their strong support and perseverance on this important issue. As a result of your hard work - and once details are worked out with our Civil Service Commission - Kingston will join Newburgh, New York City, Rochester, and Buffalo in the State as leaders in banning the box.

Thank you for working together to Ban the Box in Kingston.

Barbara Stemke

Poughkeepsie action against DA Grady

DA William Grady: Prosecute The Beat Up Squad

When people of color are mistreated or killed in the prison system, the perpetrators usually go free. This week in Poughkeepsie, NY, the family and friends of Samuel Harrell who was killed by a prison ‘Beat Up Squad’demonstrated to demand justice. Shandrae Delaney, mother of ‘Dallas 6′ prisoner Carrington Keys writes about her son and his allies who fight for the rights of prisoners from the inside and who have been punished and tortured for it. Now they are facing riot charges while though were in solitary confinement.