November 26, 2019

The Whole Damn System Is Guilty As Hell: Taking Control Of Police

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance

The entire system of policing in the United States is in crisis. Police murdering civilians has become a too common nightmare across the United States. The police murders of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, Eric Garner in New York City, Walter Scott in Charleston, SC, Tamar Rice in Cleveland OH, Freddie Gray in Baltimore, MD, Laquan McDonald in Chicago, IL and so many more have spurred a movement to transform policing.

The power relationship between police and the community is out of balance. Militarized policing of black and brown communities resembles an occupying force. While many police departments use the slogan “protect and serve,” in too many communities, people do not feel protected or served. They feel threatened, harassed and abused by police.

The relationship between police and the people needs to change. While there have been some positive reforms like police body camerasspecial units to investigate police and increased prosecutions of police, these are insufficient. The most promising transformational change is to put in place community control of police through a democratically-elected police accountability board.

November 17, 2019

ENJAN meeting before Thanksgiving cancelled


Wed., Nov. 27, 6:30pm - 8:00pm. Meeting of Enjan (End The New Jim Crow Action Network) in Poughkeepsie.  ENJAN is a Hudson Valley network dedicated to fighting racist policies of racial profiling, police brutality, and mass incarceration (the "New Jim Crow"). Sadie Peterson Delaney African Roots Library, Family Partnership Center, 29 N Hamilton St, Poughkeepsie. Contact: 845-475-8781 or https://enjan.orgt

November 14, 2019

Demonstration in front of the court building

According to information presented at last evening's ENJAN meeting, Jamelia and Julissa are scheduled to reappear in Dutchess County Family Court with Judge Tracy MacKenzie, 50 Market Street, on Tuesday, December 3, at 2:30 PM.

Once again, ENJAN plans to participate in a demonstration in front of the court building, probably at 2:00 PM, and to attend the court session.

November 13, 2019

Demonstration at 1:00 PM today for Jamelia & Julissa

• There is to be a  demonstration at 1:00 PM today for Jamelia & Julissa in front of the Dutchess County Courthouse, 50 Market Street, Poughkeepsie. (Wed, Nov 13)

• Jamelia & Julissa are scheduled to appear in Dutchess County Family Court today at 1:30 PM.

• Spectators are encouraged to attend court and support the girls.

• Participants are encouraged to wear black in solidarity.

 Some students from Vassar and Marist Colleges plan to attend.

• The Black Student Union at Vassar College has created the flier.

November 6, 2019

International Sanctuary Declaration Campaign

Activist Radio (5 - 6 pm) has the following guest on this Thursday:

GUEST: Rick Ufford-Chase, peace activist and Moderator of the 216th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, and Susan Smith, a Muslim member of Jewish Voice for Peace, talk about the November 12 International Symposium on Migration and Border Solidarity at the at the Westchester Ethical Culture Society in White Plains, NY.

The interview can be heard live on 91.3 FM, or streamed from It will also be posted on the ClassWars website for the next ten weeks. Simply click on the date to hear it.


Activist Radio

Real History Series

Friday, November 15 at 6 pm
Real History Series: Celebrity Activism

From Raising a Fist to Taking a Knee
Tommy Smith, John Carlos, Colin Kaepernick
Click for More Info

November 5, 2019

Respond to actions of the City of Poughkeepsie Police Department

On Thursday, Nov. 7, at Rockefeller Hall, Room 300 there will be a conversation with the Jamelia and Julissa, their mom and their attorney, William Wagstaff, to talk about what they need from the community and how we can respond to actions of the City of Poughkeepsie Police Department. Shannon will be speaking about ENJAN’s work and about  local laws and policy measures that need to be enacted to create change in the City of Poughkeepsie Police Department.

Also please SAVE THE DATE November 13th so we can RALLY IN SUPPORT OF Jamelia and Julissa! More details to come.

November 2, 2019

Join us this Sunday, Nov. 3

KINGSTON, NOVEMBER 3: Join us this Sunday, Nov. 3 from 12:30-4:30pm at the African Roots Center (43 Gill St) to make posters in support of asylum for Marco and to learn more about Marco’s immigration activism.  All afternoon: Potluck and poster-making. 1pm: Screening of 2019 Sundance film “The Infiltrators”, portraying Marco’s activism work.  This gathering is being held in solidarity with a banner making party organized for the same day by Marco’s family at their restaurant in the South Bronx, La Morada.

3 - NEW YORK CITY, NOVEMBER 7: RSVP to show up for Marco at 26 Federal Plaza, NYC on Thurs, Nov 7, at 8:00 AM.  Offer/find a ride to NYC

If you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you at or, or by phone at (917) 830-5238