August 26, 2012

Upcoming Events

  • Rally and March in defense of Women’s RightsToday (Sunday), August 26, at 1 pm in the Peace Park next to Village Hall in New Paltz
  • Community Involvement Committee informational meeting and lunch with the Dutchess County Criminal Justice Council on Tuesday, 28 August, from 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm at the Catharine Street Community Center. The meeting will feature a status report on the Jail and a public forum.  Reserve your seat and lunch by calling Danielle at 473-2272.
  • ENJAN Tabling event at the community picnic at Mansion Park on Saturday, 1 September, from 8:00-4:00 pm.  (See below).
  • 17th Annual Dutchess County Labor Day Rally for Robin Hood Tax on Wall Street on Monday, 3 September, at 11:00 am in front of the Poughkeepsie Post Office (see attached flyer).
  • Upcoming ENJAN Meetings:
    • Wednesday, 12 September
    • Wednesday, 26 September
ENJAN Tabling event at the community picnic at Mansion Park 
At our last meeting we decided to continue our outreach efforts by tabling at the community picnic being organized by John Flowers and local churches being held at Mansion Square Park this coming Saturday, 1 September, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Some of the tasks were assigned at the meeting, but we still need help with others:

  • Tables: Who can provide tables?
  • Flyers: Jeff, Tom and Eva volunteered to make copies of the ENJAN flyer and Voting Registration to hand out
  • “Know Your Rights” booklet:  Mark volunteered to get copies of the booklet from Andrew Satelle
  • Sign-up sheet: Jeff will prepare a sign-up sheet for those interested in getting involved with ENJAN, participating in a reading group on The New Jim Crow, etc.
  • ENJAN poster: Who has the copy of the ENJAN poster that was put together for the gay rights event in New Paltz?
  • Voter Registration: Do we want to include voter registration as part of our outreach?
  • Staffing:  Who can staff the table?  It would be great if we could have at least two persons at the table at all times. I propose 4 two-hour blocks: 8-10, 10-12, 12-2, 2-4. Just reply to this e-mail and I will try to organize the tabling staffing.