April 29, 2020

Activist Radio (5 - 6 pm) has the following guest on this Thursday:

GUEST: Jasmine Rand, civil rights activist and attorney for the families of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Tamir Rice, talks about using the law to overcome racism in the criminal justice system.

The interview can be heard live on 91.3 FM, or streamed from https://classwars.org. It will also be posted on the ClassWars website for the next six weeks. Simply click on the date to hear it.


Activist Radio

April 28, 2020

Virtual Walk 4 Justice: NYC to Albany

Meeting ID 886 7563 1875
By phone: +19292056099,88675631875# 

2. The number for Bill sponsor, Brian Benjamin's Albany office is  518-455-2441

3. The J4wi number is: 646-685-4521

4. The website is: J4wi.org

April 24, 2020

We must act before more lives are lost. -Shannon Wong

Our elected leaders must do more than call for masks amidst this crisis. They should advocate for the release of people with underlying health conditions and older folks who are vulnerable. They should support letting out people who are locked up for administrative reasons like parole violations, and those held pre-trial who are legally innocent. And we should release people whose sentences will end soon. Doing so could mean the difference between people going home now or never coming home again.

The pandemic has taught us that we ignore the most vulnerable among us at our own peril. Outbreaks that start in jails and prisons will likely spread to entire communities, increasing the danger to us all. We must act before more lives are lost.

Take Action Today

Call or email Senator Metzger and Assemblymember Jacobson:
  • Tell them masks are not a meaningful solution. The only meaningful intervention is to reduce the jail population.
  • Ask them to reach out to Governor Cuomo tell him to protect people in jail and prison by reducing the incarcerated population and limit admissions into jails and prisons. Here is a link to our letter to the governor.
  • You can reach out to Governor and demand release. Use our click to action or call  518-474-8390. 

April 22, 2020

Bail reform and who is trying to roll it back

Activist Radio has the following guest on this Thursday (5 - 6 pm):
GUEST: Shannon Wong, activist and director of the Lower Hudson Valley Chapter of the New York Civil Liberties Union, talks about the role of racism in the attempts to sabotage recent bail reform legislation.
The interview can be heard live on Vassar College Radio 91.3 FM, or streamed from https://classwars.org. It will also be aired this Sunday on WIOF 104.1 in Woodstock (4 - 5 pm), and from the Progressive Radio Network PRN.FM (5 - 6 pm). In addition, the interview will be available on the ClassWars.org website for the next ten weeks. Simply click on the date to hear it.
Activist Radio

April 19, 2020


On Tuesday, April 21st at 1:00 PM, Release Aging People In Prison (RAPP) will be having a protest at Bedford and Otisville Correctional Facility. Folks are encouraged to come in their cars and make signs that say COVID + Prison = Death and #CuomoLetThemGo.  There is also a Zoom rally for those who can’t be there in their cars. Please see the attached flyer for more information. There is a Facebook event here, although for now it looks like the flyer has the most detailed information. It is so important for us to fight to release our community members who are stuck behind bars and are particularly susceptible to this virus.  Please join us!

ES Empire v. Political Prisoners - Teach In

This event will be streamed live at 6pm EDT on Common Notion Books’ YouTube page.

Join us in celebrating Mumia Abu-Jamal's birthday with this powerful teach-in on U.S. empire and the fight to free political prisoners
About this Event
Join us in celebrating Mumia Abu-Jamal's birthday with this powerful teach-in on U.S. empire and the fight to free political prisoners.
Speakers include:
Angela Davis
Alice Walker
Vijay Prashad
Keith Cook
Pam Africa
(many more)

April 17, 2020

Zoom Rally to Free Prisoners from Rikers Island to Palestine

Friday, April 17, 2020 1:00 PM -  2:00 PM ET
From Rikers Island to Palestine, coronavirus is spreading in prisons. On Palestinian Prisoners Day, spread solidarity with us at a Zoom rally and twitterstorm.

Join this Zoom rally

Marc Lamont Hill, Professor of Media Studies and Urban Education at Temple University
Ahed and Bassem Tamimi, Nabi Saleh, Palestine
Mariame Kaba, Organizer and Educator
Arab Marwan Barghouti, son of Palestinian political leader and hunger strike organizer Marwan Barghouti
Dareen Tatour, Poet
Randa Wahbe, Al-Shabaka and Addameer
Brad Parker, Defense for Children International, Palestine
Azadeh Shahshahani, Legal & Advocacy Director, Project South; past president, National Lawyers Guild
Lex Steppling, Director of Policy and Campaigns, Dignity and Power Now

April 9, 2020

Next ENJAN meeting in Poughkeepsie

Our next ENJAN meeting is on Wednesday, April 22, from 6:30 PM to 8PM on Zoom. Agenda:
  • Shannon: Report on protecting jail inmates from the pandemic.
  • Jeff: Report on updating the ENJAN brochure in coordination with Kingston Chapter of ENJAN.