December 31, 2019

Police Accountability Jan 28 in Kingston

SAVE THE DATE - A Community Forum

We started the struggle for Police Accountability in March of 2018. Since then, we've made great strides. But there is still work to do. On January 28, we are hosting a community forum as a lead up to passing our Police Accountability legislation through the Common Council and on to the Mayor's desk. Join us to have all of your questions answered about Police Accountability in Kingston, and to use your voice to pass our legislation into law. We need to YOU to make Police Accountability happen!

Take Action!

While we await news of the new members of the Laws and Rules Committee, we want to continue the momentum of Police Accountability here in Kingston. Call Mayor Steve Noble and tell him:

“I support Rise Up Kingston’s Police Accountability Platform!”  

call: (845) 334-3902

Have you signed our letter of support? 

December 24, 2019

David Carter-El

David Carter-El, a major part of building two African Roots Libraries
in the Hudson Valley, joined the Ancestors today 12/20/2019

December 9, 2019

ENJAN meeting schedule

Note atypical ENJAN meeting schedule: ENJAN typically meets every two weeks, the second and fourth Wednesday of each monoth.However, our last ENJAN meeting was 3 weeks after our previous meeting. It was decided at our last meeting to cancel our usual fourth-Wednesday ENJAN meeting on Nov. 27, because it falls on Thanksgiving Eve. Thus, our next meeting is 4 weeks after our last meeting. We also decided to cancel December's fourth-Wednesday meeting, because it falls on Christmas. This cancellation causes another 4-week interval. We'll have meetings two weeks apart in January, but then it will still be 3 weeks after that until our first February meeting. In summary, between late October and early February, we'll have only one 2-week interval between meetings. The rest will be 3 and 4 week intervals.