October 22, 2020

City of Poughkeepsie police reform committee

 There will be another opportunity to tell the City of Poughkeepsie police reform committee how policing impacts you and what changes you’d like to see. Please sign up and tell them what reforms demand.

Your voice makes a difference! Speak up for change!  Together we can transform policing!

City of Poughkeepsie Mayor Rob Rolison and the co-chairs of Poughkeepsie Procedural Justice Committee will host a public meeting to get feedback to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Executive Order pertaining to policing and enhanced training and policies.

The virtual meeting will take place from 6-8 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 27. People can register here to speak and/or listen. The public will have up to three minutes each to share their experiences and make suggestions. Those who would like to participate in the virtual forums must register prior to the event’s start time.

The City's press release gives more information.

Guidance Available Here

Pop Art Demonstration

 No New Dutchess County Jail -- Pop Art Demonstration

Thank you for helping to make this experience interaction!
Volunteer support, our vision for creating two makeshift jail cells to place in two locations Poughkeepsie and Beacon have been realized! The goal is to use these makeshift jail cells to draw the community as they walk by to engage in conversation.

As we engage with the community, we will be asking the community to write on the jail cell. And have them send an email to their legislature. Talking points and orientation will be provided on Friday, November 6, 2020, from 6 PM to 7 PM.
Please fill out this form if you are available to take a shift over the weekend ofNovember 7 and 8 for the No-New-DCJ pop Art Demonstration. Please complete the form by Thursday 11/3 12pm.

Thank you; as always, please reach out to us if you have questions. 
looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Alisha Kohn 
Pronouns; She/Her/Hers
Director of Queer Justice Committee
The Newburgh LGBTQAI+ Center

October 20, 2020

Thursday, October 29, 7 to 8:30 p.m.

Free panel discussion on Qualified Immunity: An Obstacle to Justice

Thursday, October 29, 7 to 8:30 p.m.

During recent months, we have seen an uprising in this country and a call to action for those who believe police should be held accountable. To further this work, I am pleased to invite you to theNYCLU Hudson Valley Chapter’s annual Henry Schwarzschild Memorial Lecture. This year, we will focus on the little known but hugely important legal principle known as qualified immunity. 

For decades, qualified immunity has prevented police officers from being held personally responsible in civil lawsuits, even when their actions result in serious injury or death. Until officers are held responsible for their actions, their behavior won’t change. Our panel of experts will go into depth about qualified immunity and how we can end it for police officers in New York. 

The event will be held via Zoom and it is free and open to the public. See also attached flier.

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October 17, 2020

Say Her Name protest at 72 Market Street

Tracy submitted the attached flier for today's (10/17) Say Her Name
protest at 72 Market Street, Pok. at  6:45 PM


September 26, 2020

Wednesday Walk for Black Lives, Kingston, NY, 9-23-20


Racism and Health

The current uprising across the nation is a take-off moment for systemic racism in the United States. A take-off moment occurs when awareness about a crisis reaches a level of public consciousness where an event (in this case, the recent high-profile police murders of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd) sparks protests across the country.

Racist police violence has now become part of the national dialog, as has systemic racism, which is a much bigger topic than policing. A national movement to change these systems is growing. It will succeed if we continue to build on this momentum and demand change.

Racism and Health

One aspect of systemic racism that merits greater attention is the inherent racism in our healthcare system. Cities across the country are beginning to recognize that racism is a public health issue. On top of that, social determinants such as wealth inequality, access to housing and education and discrimination in the workplace, as well as other factors, also impact health resulting in worse health outcomes and higher death rates for black people.

Read Popular Resistance on-line: https://popularresistance.org/lets-talk-about-racism-and-health/

September 25, 2020

Watch the "Losing Our Homes" panel on YouTube


On Sept. 10 we held a Zoom panel on Losing Our Homes: The Destruction of Community, Culture and Identity. In this perfect storm of economic and pandemic crisis, millions of people run the risk of displacement through evictions, foreclosures, gentrification, and ethnic cleansing. 

Rashida Tyler, Founder of The REAL Kingston Tenants Union and Board Member of Citizen Action of New York, and Talal Jabari, Palestinian journalist and documentary filmmaker, will each make a short statement, including their own personal observations of displacement. 

We will then open the panel up to questions. Sponsored by Jewish Voice For Peace - Hudson Valley, Middle East Crisis Response, NYC Veterans For Peace and Women in Black - New Paltz.

Short movies recommended for the Zoom panel:

-HuffPost  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIEgpmRj1ns

5 min. on how COVID-19 exposes America’s housing crisis.

-Just Vision films https://justvision.org/homefront

four short films about settler eviction of Palestinians from their homes in the Sheik Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem.