Release Mumia Now: April 30


A critical/virtual event sponsored by ENJAN


April 30th 6-7:30 ZOOM

To join:

PAMAFRICAspeakingforMUMIAABU-JAMAL MumiaAbu-Jamalistheworld’smostfamous political prisoner. He was tried and unjustly convicted of the murder of police officer Daniel Faulkner and sentenced to death in 1982. Until a recent victory that allowed him to return to the general prison population, Mumia was on death row with most of the time spent in solitary confinement. Despite ballistics evidence, which proved otherwise, the recanting of key witness statements and a confession by someone else, Mumia remains in prison. Known as the Voice of the Voiceless even from prison he is a commentator on worldwide events, an organizer, and a much-heralded author. Now 39 years later Mumia needs our urgent help as he is facing life threatening COVID 19 and congestive heart failure and infected sores on his ankles and wrists from being shackled to his bed. He has systematically been denied the medical attention that any sick person in prison deserves. It seems like they are trying to kill him. Pam Africa has worked tirelessly for Mumia getting European parliaments to support him, city governments here such as San Francisco and Nobel Laureates Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and Toni Morrison.

Local Warrior Speakers : Paul Bermanzohn took a bullet to his head by the KKK in 1979, Noel CaseyRAPP Releasing Aging People from Prison Westchester/ Hudson Valley community organizer, Li’L Joe Johnson Former member of the Black Panther Party CA. Warrior EntertainersStephen Johnson 350 Nu Bossa Singer, Songwriter,, Taina Asili Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Poet, Melvin Greenwich Billie Holiday Sound Like, Cellist, Jazz Sepia Network, Nomi Power Struggle Hip Hop Artist San Francisco

For more information contact Odell Winfield: 914 388 3092


Black Lives Matter at School

 Black Lives Matter at School:

Disrupting White Supremacy
Friday, April 16 | 6p – 7:30p
Presented by Anthony Dandridge and Kiersten Greene, founding members of the Black Lives Matter at School Collective at SUNY New Paltz.

Read more about the program and register here.

Join Us April 13, 14, and 29


We have much to celebrate. 
Two Justice Roadmap bills - the HALT Solitary Confinement Act & the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act - are now law. 

But we are far from done. Each day in New York State, thousands of elders languish behind bars, families are weighted down by predatory court debt, and millions of New Yorkers are denied jobs or housing because of old conviction records.

Join us throughout April for rallies, advocacy days and actions as we fight to end perpetual punishment:

How Black actors help audiences understand the links

Activist Radio has the following guest on this week:

GUEST: Jen Marlowe, award-winning author, documentary filmmaker and playwright, talks about her most recent film, "There Is a Field," and how Black actors help audiences understand the links between Black Lives Matter and Palestinian liberation.

Activist Radio is broadcast: Thursdays 5-6 pm from WVKR 91.3 FM at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY; Sundays 4-5 pm from WIOF 104.1 FM in Woodstock, NY; and Sundays 5-6 pm from the Progressive Radio Network at PRN.FM. It will also be posted on the ClassWars website for the next ten weeks. Simply click on the date to hear it.