Next ENJAN meeting

Hi, everyone--

Just another reminder about the next ENJAN meeting, which is tomorrow, Wednesday, 12 September, at 6 pm in the Library at the Family Partnership Center.
A number of people have submitted agenda items for the meeting, so I’ve put together a proposed agenda below.  It looks like we have a long list, so we’ll have to work efficiently to get through it all!

See you tomorrow!  --Jeff

Proposed Agenda:

  1. Updates: 
    • Tabling action at Picnic Devoted to G-d on 9/1 (Dolores, Earl, Mary Odell, etc.);
    • Action on 9/6 at NYC district attorney’s office sponsored by NYC’s Campaign to End the New Jim Crow (Tim)
    • Meeting with Dutchess County Criminal Justice Council on 8/28 (Dolores, Fred, Jeff, Katia, Mary)
    • Other
  2. Discuss and approve ENJAN guest editorial to Poughkeepsie Journal (working group: Mark, Mary, Pam, Tom, etc.) (letter below)
  3. ENJAN contingent and carpool to NYC panel discussion on Building a Movement to End Mass Incarceration on Friday, 9/14, at 7 pm at the Riverside Church (see attached flyer) (Odell)
  4. Next Action(s):  tabling at the Arlington Street Fair on Saturday, 9/22 (Fred)
  5. Big Fall Event(s):
    • Community book read with Occupy in Kingston as well as other possible venues (Odell)
    • “Hip Hop is Bigger than the Occupation” (Odell)
    • Conference on Criminal Justice in the Hudson Valley (Manna Jo, Jeff, others)
  6. Cop Watch (Occupiers)
  7. Blog & Facebook (Fred, Alexander)
  8. Other?

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