Vigil in Poughkeepsie, Thursday, May 21

There will be a vigil in Poughkeepsie this Thursday at 5:30 pm at the corner of Market and Main, for black women and girls killed by police. The vigil is part of a national day of action called by Black Youth Project 100. The vigil is being organized by our friends and allies in Dutchess Ferguson Action/Black Lives Matter, who also organized the action in front of the jail and the die-in in the Poughkeepsie Galleria this past winter. From the Facebook event page:

"Join us on May 21st, a national day of action to end state violence against Black women called by the Black Youth Project 100. This will be a vigil in remembrance of black women and girls murdered by the police and an act of solidarity with the #SayHerName and #BlackLivesMatter movements. 

If the loss of their lives matters; 
If the grief of their families matters; 
If the impunity with which all Black lives can be taken matters;
Then we cannot allow these tragedies to remain unmarked, silenced and forgotten."

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