Rally for a wage that meets basic needs!

Thu, June 18 at 9:30 AM
733 Main St, Poughkeepsie (in front of McDonalds)

Join us at the Main St McDonalds in Poughkeepsie as fast food workers and their allies call upon the Wage Board to raise the minimum wage of fast food workers to $15/hour. The press conference will begin at 9:30am.

Due to the state senate's inaction following years of organizing and mobilization by fast food workers and their allies, Governor Cuomo has established a three-person wage board to examine the wages of fast food workers across the state, which will hold a public hearing in Albany on June 22nd.

This is a critical moment for fast food workers and low-wage workers across the state. Gov. Cuomo has only put together this wage board because of the actions that workers and community groups have taken to demand a higher minimum wage - so we need to keep the pressure on.

Community members in Poughkeepsie who care about this issue will come together at the Main St McDonalds in Poughkeepsie to call on the Wage Board to do the right thing by raising the wage to $15. We will also call on our State Senator Sue Serino to do the same by supporting legislation to raise the minimum wage. Together, we will rally and gear up to go to the public hearing of the Wage Board on June 22nd in Albany, NY.

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