August 13, 2015

Join us at 7 pm this Tuesday, Aug 18

Conference Room 1 at Kingston City Hall, 420 Broadway

This is it! The Kingston Common Council "Laws and Rules Committee" will again hear ENJAN members and the community urge the Committee to support removing the questions of criminal history from the Kingston civil service employment application.

The committee will hear us at 7 pm this Tuesday, August 18 and they will VOTE on the proposal that evening. We need you to come to add your voice for a "fair chance" civil service application. We are asking for the removal of Questions 6 D and 6 E on the application. 6D is Have you ever been convicted of any crime (felony or misdemeanor)? 6E is Are you now under charges for any crime? 

The Kingston civil service employment application is used to fill positions with the municipality of Kingston, the Kingston Consolidated School District, the Kingston Area Library and the Kingston Housing Authority. It is very important that our "returning citizens" have a fair chance when they apply for employment with these employers.