August 3, 2015


#Law4BlackLives conference a ground-breaking event

Over 600 people from across the country came together on Friday and Saturday to help vision and build the legal arm of the burgeoning Black Lives Matter movement. The #Law4BlackLives Read the full program here.) The historic conference was kicked off on Thursday night with a special screening and talk back in the BJI Freedom Flicks series, showing “Concerning Violence: Nine Scenes from the Anti-Imperialist Self-Defense.” In the last year, led by BJI Director Purvi Shah, CCR has played a crucial role in helping build legal infrastructure and local support systems in Ferguson and Baltimore in the wake of the local uprisings after the police killings of Michael Brown and Freddie Gray. #Law4BlackLives was about continuing and broadening that work by bringing together the people who can make it happen – who are making it happen! Key plenaries at the conference were livestreamed, and are archived here. Photos from the conference are on the CCR blog.