September 2, 2015

Third Community Policing Forum Scheduled

Rev. Dr. G. Modele Clarke, President 
Rev. Arthur L. Coston, Sr., Treasurer 
Rev. Jim Childs, Chair Advisory Board  

Ministers’ Alliance of Ulster County
8 Hone Street * Kingston, NY 12401       845-339-0773

Third Community Policing Forum Scheduled:
The Community and the Police, How Is It Going?

The Ministers’ Alliance of Ulster County will host its Third Forum on Community Policing. 

The Community and the Police
Tuesday, September 8th,
6:30 PM
New Progressive Baptist Church, 8 Hone Street, Kingston

Panel: Kingston Police Chief Egidio Tinti and Kingston Mayor Shayne Gallo

The reason for the third community/police forum is find out what progress has been made by the Kingston Police Department on issues previously raised by community members.  It will also include new community concerns to be brought to the attention of Chief Tinti and Mayor Gallo.

These ongoing forums have begun the transformational process of developing an effective community policing environment in the City of Kingston.

Come out and let your voices be heard.